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Last year the e-Luminate Studio partnered with Hunter Gatherer to put together the winning proposal to illuminate the family home of the famous Lord Montagu, Palace House at Beaulieu, with a series of eight special Winter’s Tales evenings held in December.

This exquisite example of Victorian palace came to life after dark as the stunning light installations showed several moments of magic amongst the more traditional festive Christmas decorations.

Alessandra Caggiano, from e-Luminate Studio, said: “We are truly honoured to be working in this amazing historical venue and to launch this new initiative which we hope will become the newest of the many great traditions at Beaulieu.”

Following the beautifully lit path visitors enjoyed the unique opportunity of exploring Palace House by candlelight on three weekends in December 2016. Various areas and rooms of the house were transformed with subtle light installations telling the story of the Montagu family and of those very spaces. One of such special effects was in the Portrait Gallery where a cleverly hidden projection showed the Montagu family album on a beautifully decorated Christmas table; a light ‘time machine’ showed family childhoods of the past and present using toys, object and images from Beaulieu’s archives. Elsewhere, ballet dancing ‘mice’ in the kitchen, a snow scene in the courtyard and works of art brought to life with projection and light.

“We have set out to create an overall experience that sits sympathetically with the house, while providing ‘moments of magic’ that will, we hope, delight and surprise”, said Art Lewry of Hunter Gatherer.