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The e-Luminate Studio is proud to announce a commission for the launch of the Dear World, Yours Cambridge campaign for the University and Colleges in October 2015. The campaign aims to raise £2bn for research, posts and facilities.

Campaign co-chair Dr Mohamed A. El-Erian said: “Cambridge transforms lives and improves the wellbeing of many, so I am delighted this campaign has gained such traction and will help Cambridge deliver more to more people. We are extremely grateful to the donors for a generosity that empowers so many across the University and Colleges to continue their hard and influential work.” Fellow co-chair Sir Harvey McGrath said: “The University of Cambridge has had a huge impact on the world in many different ways. This outstanding support will help us to continue answering difficult questions and rising to the challenges humanity faces in the 21st century.”

For this event, the e-Luminate Studio worked with lighting designer and tech wizard Francesco Anselmo, from Arup, who created a series of LED structures for Neville’s Court at Trinity College. The six structures represented iconic Cambridge discoveries such as the atom and the DNA and they were powered by students of the Cambridge University Rugby Union cycling on specially modified bikes by Outspoken!